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Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers

Get to know all about the top 100 companies in Malaysia


About us

We are the largest graduate recruitment awards in Malaysia, and the benchmark for employer branding excellence on-campus! We count thousands of votes from undergraduates and recent school-leavers each year, welcome hundreds of distinguished guests, and present 15 highly-competed-for awards to recognise the most popular graduate recruiters in all of Malaysia.

The Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers ranking is formed by student votes from universities across the country, as gathered via the annual Malaysia Graduate Barometer. It is the largest and longest-running study on graduate recruitment trends in Malaysia. Each year, the Malaysia Graduate Barometer is completed by thousands of Malaysian students, giving them the opportunity to share their needs and wants in their first jobs.

Top 100

The Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers rankings are compiled from the largest and longest-running graduate careers surveys of university students in Malaysia. In the Malaysia Graduate Barometer, students are asked which career sectors interest them the most, and which graduate employers within those sectors they most want to work for.

The survey ranks the 100 most popular employers overall and the most popular employers within major career sectors in Malaysia.



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